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Toros Tngrian is dedicated to giving his students the best education in the field of pottery-making. With years of experience in the field of pottery, patient Toros Tngrian is ready to pass on his knowledge and expertise to his students.

The artwork by Toros Tngrian can also be purchased, depending on availability at art fairs, galleries, and in the studio. Toros’s wide range of vases, bottles, kettles, bowls and chinaware are incredible gift ideas, and can be the center-piece to any collection. Simply check out the ‘Gallery’ section to see some of the available artwork that can be purchased. Toros Pottery now takes orders online. Remember, while every creation is unique, it is very much the same in professional quality.

General Information:
Most of Toros’s work are fired in reduction to Cone 10.
All glazes used in the creation of pottery work are lead free.

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